Yesterday, it was so hot.
Today, it will be more hotter.
Today, a client will come, then I will go to Korean class in Okaya to work.
Fight !

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great Korean movie

Yesterday, I saw a Korean movie "Suspicious Woman".

It was completely different from my image.

I laughed a lot and cried a lot.

I felt again that Korean movies are really wonderful.

It is distributed free of charge at GYAO until the end of this month.

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expected seminar

Today,my Korean class is closed, because I will attend a judicial scrivener association's seminar at Ueda city.
In today's seminar, a judicial scrivener in Hokkaido will do lecture.
He has huge experience in job for foreigners, so I am looking foward to today's seminar very much.
I want to study hard today.

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very glad

Yesterday, a new student came to my Korean class.
I am so glad.
Today, I will go to court in the morning, then I will go to Korean class to do lesson in the afternoon.

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today's schedule

Also today, it's good weather, isn't it ?
Yesterday, I went to coin laundry after a long time.
Today, I will go to return and rent DVD.
Then I want to go to public bath.

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so thirsty that beer was so delicious

Yesterday, I reported about the problem of restoration of original situation of rental house.
Attendees was more than I expected, so I was glad.
I talked hard for them.
After the seminar, party was also held.
I was so thirsty after long talking, that beer was very tasty.

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problem of restoration of original state

It's warm morning.
Today I will go to Ina city for conference and seminar.
In seminar, I will report about a problem of restoration of original state of rental house.

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forecast was almost perfect.

Like forecast said, rain stopped by noon yesterday.
So I could work as planned.
I will work at the office today.
Weather is fine and I am fine too.

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according to weather

It's raining a lot now.
According to weather forecast, it will stop by noon at least.
So I will complete document in the morning, then submit it to court in the afternoon.

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dark sky

Sky is dark.
It will rain soon.
Today I will complete document to submit tomorrow.
Then client will come in the evening.

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