reason why I gave up half price gyoza

Yesterday, I went to my senior friend's office in the morning.

A student came to take lesson in the afternoon.

It was the day when gyoza's price was half at ramen shop nearby.

Therefore I wanted to walk to eat there.

But the wind and rain were strong, so I gave up it.

Instead, I had dinner with natto at home.

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thing I felt when I went buy kerosene

Yesterday, I went to a client's home in the afternoon.

In the evening, the other client came and student came in the night.

Between them, I also went to buy kerosene.

Then, I felt that the opportunity I need to go buy kerosene would be not so a lot from now on because it got warmer and warmer recently.

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Fulfilling Sunday

Yesterday, I cleaned up the office in the morning.

After that, high school student came to take Korean lesson in the morning,

elementary student and junior high student came to take English lessons in the afternoon.

I went walking in the evening.

It was a fulfilling Sunday.

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tavern and full moon reflecting on lake

Yesterday, student came to take lesson in the morning.

After that I did online lesson with the other student.

In the afternoon I did preparation of tax return, I will be able to complete it soon.

In the evening, I walked to tavern of my friend to have dinner.

I ate a lot of delicious food, so I was full and happy.

During walking home, I could see full moon reflecting on the surface of the lake.

That was so beautiful.

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Favorite menu

Yesterday, I went to my senior friend's cafe to have lunch.

I like curry rice of the shop, so went to eat it.

But, I found 生姜焼き定食 on the menu, then I got to want to eat it suddenly and ordered it.

I ate it there for the first time, it was so delicious.

Client came to take counseling in the afternoon and I went walking in the evening.

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Students I respect

Yesterday, a client came to my office in the afternoon.

In the evening, I attended online English Cafe.

It was fourth times for me, this time was so fun too.

As I said before, this event is projected by university students.

They prepare and manage meeting every time.

I suppose they are spending hard time at college these days.

However, they never say negative words, show me only bright face.

I must appreciate them.

Of course I am participate in it for my learning, but at the same time I want to cheer them up, therefore I will continue to attend from now on.

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Words I heard for the first time

Yesterday, in the morning, I went to bank, after that I had lunch with my mother.

Before lunch, we enjoyed driving, lake looked so beautiful.

For lunch, we went to eat sushi respecting mother's opinion.

She ate more than usual, so I asked her.

'You seem to like sushi, don't you ?'

She answered.

'Actually, I like it most.'

Recently we got to often have lunch together, but I heard her such words for the first time.

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concentrate on work

Yesterday, I spent time at the office all day.

I have not met any person.

Therefore I have not shaved my face.

Such day was after long time.

After considering how to use time, I did preparation for tax return.

I was concentrate on the work, so I could progress it a lot.

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rare holiday

Yesterday, I went to post office in the morning.

Student came to take Korean lesson in the afternoon.

I went walking after dinner.

Today is holiday, but I have no plan.

The day like this is so rare and precious.

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Cafe entering after taking off shoes

Yesterday, in the morning, lesson was canceled, so I studied.

In the afternoon, student came to take lesson, after that I went to a cafe nearby with my friends.

I went there for the first time, normal house was used and the style was like customers take off their shoes before entering.

Recently, cafe like this type seems to be increasing.

It was so referable for me.

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