nuisance is chance

There is a parking next to my office.
Adding to it, it is located near Matsumoto Castle.
Therefore, sometimes and suddenly foreign tourists come to my office to try to pay money although my office is not related to the parking.
In that case, I explain that this is not the place to pay money and they should go to the correct place over there and pay money.
Actually, the number of such misunderstood visitors is apparently more than the number of my clients.
In before time, I felt nuisance by such misunderstood visitors.
But recently I changed my mind.
I made such happenings as chance I could speak English with foreigners.
Fortunately, in such misunderstood visitors, the number of foreigners is equal or more than Japanese tourists.
Initially, I couldn't speak English sentence other than some words like "No" or "Over there" etc.
However, recently I dare to listen and read English as much as possible preparing for the Toeic test held in next Sunday even during job.
By the effect, I could speak English sentence naturally to a foreign visitor today for the first time.
I could feel that my English skill was improving certainly in unexpected situation.
I was glad.

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I believe

Recently, my job is not busy.
It's horrible situation.
I tend to do different kind of job from the other judicial scrivener, but honestly I feel scariness in this situation.
Even if so, I can't do and won't do common job with the other person.
I believe there are still the other kind of job in this industry.
I believe there is task I should do in such area.
That's why I will study hard also today.

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human helps human

I watch American news site for studying of English.
Now, American people is suffering from serious damage by hurricane.
Large area of city seems like river or lake.
People is helping each other hard.
While seeing them, I also feel I must live hard.

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dawn will come

It's dawn.
A new week starts again.
A guest will come in the morning today.
I want to work and study hard.

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unstable weather

It's hot this morning.
The temperature is high.
I have to go to Ueda city today.
I was planning to go by train, but the weather is unstable, so I might to go by car.
I will work in the morning, then conference and seminar are held in the afternoon.

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presentation of case

It's raining.
Today, I will work at the office.
And tomorrow, a workshop will be held in Ueda, I will do presentation about some cases.
Therefore, I must also prepare for it.

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improving steadily

Yesterday, I listened to only English in the bus while going to Tokyo and coming to Matsumoto.
Mainly, I listened to English news podcast and I could understand better than any time before.
I am glad to feel that the level is improving steadily.
I want to continue in this way from now on too.

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short meeting

I have a meeting in Tokyo today.
I will work at the office in the morning, then leave at about noon.
It's a short meeting in the evening, but I must go.
When go and come, I will listen to only English in the bus.

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Great movie

Yesterday, I watched a DVD movie.
The title is "Jerry Maguire". (Japanese title is ザ・エージェント.)
It's the story of an attorney acted by Tom Cruise.
I bought the DVD to study English a long time ago.
It was after a long time for me to watch it.
This time, I found it so great movie again.
From now on, I want to watch it repeatedly.
If I could memorize the some important conversation, my English skill would be improved considerably.
This movie is so great that it worth to do it.

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Things I must do from now on

I have still 3 weeks until the date of English test.
Recently, while solving some sample questions, I feel that my weak point is not vocaburary or grammar but the skill to understand conversation or article within short time.
In order to overcome such weak point, I need to listen to English further more and read further more. There are not any other way.
In the next 3 weeks, I want to concentrate to such way.
Specifically, I want to spend like I am studying abroad although I'm in Japan.
It's important to let not only the ears but also the eyes, brain and all of the body get used to English.

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