Face which got bright

Yesterday, student came to take Korean lesson in the morning.

After that, client came too.

She is a foreigner who has been living in Japan.

Until now, she has lived in Japan with visa, "Spouse of Japanese", last year I helped her application for getting visa, "permanent residence".

It took very long period, but recently she could get the visa.

Yesterday, I reported it to her, her family (Japanese husband and daughter) also came together.

All family member looked happy, especially my client's face looked brighter than before, it was so impressive.

I felt again, this is very meaningful job.

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My hope

One year ago, I started to use water server at my office.

Because, I wanted to provide delicious tea for clients and students.

But, after that, it got difficult to provide tea for them because of corona.

As a result, the opportunity to use the water server got decreased so much.

Of course I can use it for my self.

However, the water takes cost, so I got not to use it.

By the contract of the server, I need to use it for one year at least.

So, I have thought to end the contract at this timing.

However after considering a lot, I decided to continue the contract.

Because, I want to provide tea for students and clients little by little and sometimes want to drink the tea myself, from now on.

In other words, it means that I hope the day we overcome the virus will come as soon as possible.

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merit and demerit

Yesterday, students came to take Korean and Chinese lessons in the afternoon, evening and night.
Our class's lesson's time is 30 minutes.
If student hope, it's also possible to do 60 minutes.
There is a reason to decide one lesson as 30 minutes.
That's the cost for lesson.
I hope students will continue studying as long as possible with cheap cost.
However, students who hope 60 minutes lesson are not little.
It's their choice, so no problem.
When we do 60 minute lesson, I am tired.
It means the contents of the lesson are so full(of course it's good thing !).
Like this there are merit and demerit in both lessons.

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consider and try

Yesterday, I went to lawyer's office to help his job in the morning.

In the evening, student came to my class to take Korean lesson.

This student has been coming to my class continuously since I opened class more than 2 years ago.

At the first time, she couldn't read Hangul, but now she can enjoy simple conversation.

When I see such student, I am very glad.

For students not only whose level but also whose personality are different, how should I teach and assist for them to enjoy conversation...

I am considering it and trying some methods.

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Change from negative to positive

Yesterday, in the morning, after I did a laundry, student came to take Korean lesson.

After lunch I went to supermarket to buy food.

Then, I fixed my Shiho-shoshi office's website because I will do legal counseling by telephone or online positively from now on.

Until now, I was negative for such style.

Because I had thought that legal counseling should be done face to face in principle.

But important thing is not my mind, but client's mind.

Under this big change of the world, I think I must change my mind.

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Chinese lesson for beginners

Yesterday, students came to my class in the morning, afternoon and evening.
For the students in the morning and afternoon, I provided Korean lessons, and for the student in the evening, I provided Chinese lesson.
Almost of the lessons in my class are Korean, but recently the number of students who come to take English and Chinese lessons have increased little by little.
The pronunciation of Chinese is difficult, so both learning and teaching are hard.
However if you can go over pronunciation and go into grammar, you can feel more and more fun.
The targets of my Chinese class are beginners, the contents of the lesson are pronunciation, basic grammar and easy conversation.
Although I can't teach beautiful pronunciation or complicated expression like native teachers, I can help enough Japanese learners who have not studied Chinese until they can enjoy easy conversation.
From now on, I want to make more effort to provide good Chinese lesson not only Korean and English.

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so worthy job

Yesterday, students came to take English and Korean lessons in the morning.
They were one adult and two children.
For adult we did Korean lesson, for children we did English lessons.
Between children, for older one I did lesson, for younger one my friend did lesson.
My friend and her student is doing lesson at the next door, sometimes I can hear their cheerful voice.
So I am also glad.
It looks like my friend is so good at teaching for children.
I also want to make more effort not to lose.
Like this, to teach language for children is very worthy job.
I must appreciate.

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close the window and sleep

Yesterday, in the morning, I did a laundry and weeding, after that I went to do blood donation.

In the evening, a student came to take Chinese lesson.

In the night, it was a little cold, therefore I closed the window and slept.

Today, students will come to take English and Korean lessons in the morning.

Before that, I want to clean up the classroom.

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How to seminar

Yesterday, I went to lawyer's office to assist his job.
Then I attended a seminar in Chino in the afternoon.
Recently, it's difficult to hold normal seminar.
Yesterday, we were in one room to watch DVD that was made prior.
Against this way, maybe someone says, "if you only watch DVD, it's not necessary to be in one place, because it's possible to watch it online".
However, we are doing our job alone usually.
Therefore it's important sometimes to be and see each other.
So, I think like yesterday's seminar is meaningful too.

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seminar after a long time

Yesterday, I had my hair cut in the morning.
In the afternoon and evening, students came to take English and Chinese lessons.
From the morning, I had had headache, so I had medicine 2 times.
I hope it will be better soon.
This afternoon, seminar of face to face will be held after a long time.
I am looking forward to meet coworker friends.

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